CHIC – June 2013

CHIC – June 2013

The lifestyle magazine
Category : Lifestyle
Language : English
Content : Fashion, music, cinema, beauty…
84 pages

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The 51th issue of the lifestyle magazine Chic relates us an Eddie Izzard interview. The England actor is known as stand-up comedian and movie star. The magazine also presents us the singer Josh Kumra.

Chic is a kind of lifestyle magazine that is really enjoyable to read. Inside the magazine, you are able to keep informed about the latest fashion and artistic news. Latest album music and film releases are regularly presented inside the magazine. We also appreciate the section dedicated to foods and drinks that will allow us to find the best restaurants and pubs to discover, but it also gives us some tasty recipes. For both men and women, the magazine dispenses many beauty tips. And at the beginning of Chic, the What’s on section dedicated to main cultural events, including theatres and live music.