IN NEW YORK – December 2013

IN NEW YORK – December 2013

Language : English
Category : Lifestyle
Content : silent film star Jean Dujardin…

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In “IN NEW YORK” december 2013 issue, we meet Jean Dujardin, the French film actor who charmed Hollywood in “The Artist”. There are various topics also as holiday music, theater news, the after-dark scene and great dining experiences.

Silently, Jean Dujardin became a star. America fell in love with him when starring role in the 2011 silent, black-and-white film “The Artist”, he got nation’s attention. His portrayal of matinee idol Georges Valentin won him a series of awards from the Palme d’Or in Cannes to the Golden Globe to the Screen Actors Guild to an Academy Award, making him the first Frenchman to take the Oscar for the best leading actor. Yes it is holidays: let us listen to some festive notes! Music fills the air, the stores and the lobbies. “IN NEW YORK” proposes to all music lovers classic carols, Broadway tunes, jazz licks and cabaret ballads.