INSPIRE – November/December 2013

INSPIRE – November/December 2013

The magazine which is driven to inspire people all over the world
Language : English
Category : Lifestyle
Content : Chané de Kock, Lisa Raleigh..

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In its November/December 2013 issue, “INSPIRE” gives us a hand for precious life lessons. One question for instance: are you living in alignment with yours? We learn too that life does not need to be a struggle and Philippa Spark guides us to find our happy place.

Arjan Bogaers is a Personal Coach. According to him, personal values are the ideas, beliefs and feelings that are most near and dear to us. Personal negative values –things we try and avoid- are seen as the dragon which safeguards our personal positive values. When we tame the dragon, we gain access to our treasure: the ideas, beliefs and feelings that matter the most to us. For Carol Gerber, society has created people who are problem focused. A friend of her uses a quaint technique when she has a negative thought. She says to herself: “Delete, delete, delete”. And it does work! Philippa Spark is an event planner. When her daughter was born, her God-father gave her a beautiful silver compass. Holding the object in her hand, she could read the engraving on the front cover:”The world is your oyster. Enjoy life, and find your own true north”.