INSPIRE VIRTUAL MAG – July/August 2013

INSPIRE VIRTUAL MAG – July/August 2013

The magazine which is driven to inspire people all over the world
Language : English
Category : Lifestyle
Content : Louise Carver, Irina Miccoli…
186 pages

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The summer 2013 issue of Inspire lets us better know about the South African singer Louise Carver. It also presents the fabulous path of Irina Miccoli, a well known fashion model. By browsing the magazine, you will also discover several tips to get healthy and stress-free.

A really interesting article inside Inspire tackles the leadership. Through an interview of Carla Barnes, the founder of the EOTM Awards that is celebrating the entrepreneurship, you will be able to make the difference between the leaders and the followers.
The magazine also gives us many tips to improve our communication skills. Indeed, it’s sometimes difficult to be heard. In the way to express our ideas, we need to be confident. Then, a perfect accordance of speech and body language is needed.
For those who experienced a break-up, an entire article teaches how to be able to trust again. It’s a question of six steps to trust people again.