INSPIRE VIRTUAL MAG – September/October 2013

INSPIRE VIRTUAL MAG – September/October 2013

The magazine which is driven to inspire people all over the world
Language : English
Category : Lifestyle
Content : Tami Roman, Fashion week, Naima Mclean…

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In this edition, many great articles to bring changes to your life: shyness, are you born with this? some more w(h)ine for you? And many other inspiring articles.

Inspire Virtual Mag is an inspirational magazine which adds style to your lifestyle. There is no recipe to achieve greatness but everybody can do it. In an article called “Some more w(h)ine for you?” , find out how complaining has become part of our daily pleasure and how it can affect and infect your listeners. While some of us show boldness and are communicative, some prefer to be quiet and shy. But have you ever asked yourself if we are born shy? Do we become shy then? This very entertaining article will tell you a lot about shyness. Also, on your must-read list of this edition, learn more about how to bring a fresh restart for your life in “starting over”.