IN NEW YORK – April 2014

IN NEW YORK – April 2014

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In this edition, Idina Menzel brings down another house on Broadway and we are back to the New York City of 1964, meeting the Beatles and Barbra Streisand. We will know too all-natural and eco-friendly products for the body and soul and special dates of note from April to August.
Looking back on the year 1964, memories resurface. At that time, the Beatles stole American hearts, the musical “Funny Girl” shot Barbra Streisand to fame, Bob Dylan played a killer set at NYC’s Philharmonic Hall and designer Yves Saint-Laurent was the darling of the day… Idina Menzel has got nearly 20-year-long career, including memorable roles in the hit Disney film “Enchanted” and FOX’s landmark series “Glee”, in which she played Lea Michele’s birth mother, Shelby. After having been away from Broadway for almost nine years, she is back again with the role of Elizabeth in the new musical “If them”, now playing at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. The show relates how choices, whether they are good or not, big or small, can change lives…