IN NEW YORK – December 2014

IN NEW YORK – December 2014

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IN New York, this time: an exclusive interview with the design director behind the jaw-dropping genius of Macy’s holyday windows, New York’s ten historical buildings, food and beverage road-map to the best spots in NY.
Concrete buildings confidently standing taller and taller, flashing lights witnessing billions of stories about the city that never sleeps, New York is a living legend famous for its ability to renew itself as if it will never die. In New York, ideas are bubbling and creativity abounds. Thus, we are here to keep you ever updated about the new fads which soon conquer the whole world and real-time stories and events potentially changing and redefining modern lifestyles. One among the many architects who give its vibrant features to the Big Apple City is Roya Sullivan. Roya Sullivan is the design director Macy’s holyday windows. She never misses to enchant us with her creativity as she turns NY into a fantastic world worth of a child’s wild imagination for an instant. In this issue, learn more about this amazing person in an interview with her.