NICHE – July/August 2013

NICHE – July/August 2013

The magazine which embraces the elements of the good life
Language : English
Category : Lifestyle
Content : The great Gatsby, Malibu CA, Ralph Lauren…
100 pages

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In his summer issue, the lifestyle magazine Niche publishes an interview granted Leonardo DiCaprio. The magazine also features Ralph Lauren, Casandra Hobbins and takes the readers to St.-Petersburg.

Ralph Lauren is indisputably a fashion legend. Niche let us know more about the founder of one of the most famous high-end fashion brands, from his beginning to his success as a great businessman and fashion pioneer. He succeeded to enhance the everyday style of Joe and Jane Blow.
In another field, the sand is an unsuspected artistic element. If everybody knows the sandcastles, some beaches are different thanks to their sand sculptures. Nowadays, there is a real industry of sandcastle building, and some artists became famous. Among the beaches that welcome great sculpture, the Taiwanese one located between Fulong and Yanliao is certified to be the best one.