PRIVAT AIR – Autumn 2013

PRIVAT AIR – Autumn 2013

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Language : English
Category : Lifestyle

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In this edition, find out how a German-born American managed to turn a former deserted mining camp into a lovely resort. Also, find out what it takes to become a modern day explorer, plus many other fascinating stories.
Would you believe that a man can turn a deserted mining camp into a sumptuous resort? Well, Christoph Henkel successfully did! This time in Privat-Air, learn more about this German-born American’s daring project, an adventure punctuated with cleverness, inventiveness and challenges. In the gastronomic column, Daniel Patterson makes you double-guess your perspective of “carrots”. Read this very entertaining and hilarious article about a man who managed to add sophistication to a simple carrot. After your trip to the world of fancy cooking, you can go further more and search for the land of hostilities through the fantastic stories of modern day explorers, an amazing article about people whose lives are made of perilous journeys into the unknown.