PROMOTA AFRICA – Winter 2014

PROMOTA AFRICA – Winter 2014

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Category : Lifestyle

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On Promota Africa, Success Principles that we often forget, a sincere tribute to Nelson Mandela with Oprah’s testimony and the top ten moments from Barack Obama’s speech and celebrity tweets, women secrets from men…



Mandela has inspired more than one of today’s politicians and celebrities. Furthermore, he reminds us that everything is possible as long as we persevere. South Africa testifies that. We can choose to live in a world defined not by our differences, but by our common hopes. Mandela taught us the power of action but also ideas, not violence. Mandela’s death is a huge loss for the world. Besides, Madiba inspired Oprah Winfrey to change the lives of South African girls. The decision started out as a rather outlandish promise to a man who became her friend, confidante and monitor. Read more about Mandela’s tribute, Oprah’s revelations…