SUPERIOR DIGITAL – February 2014

SUPERIOR DIGITAL – February 2014

The magazine stands for high-quality photography & film connected to fashion
Language : English
Catégory : Arts & Culture
Content : Photography, Art, Beauty, Design, Mode…

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On Superior Digital cover, Fredrik Altinell offers us an amazing article entitled “Anti-Antipodes”, Tery talks about Pattern, the New Yorker photographer Cory Pavitt is the winner of the Editorial voting, the magazine has interviewed him about on his work.


“The war travelogue” gives us an overview of the movement from cold to warm weather. The photographer Domingo Nardulli offers us consequently astounding pages of his vision of this evolution. His article is based on the memories collected by Giuseppe who was a young man enlisted in the Italian partisan resistance to fight for the liberation of his country. It partly explains Nardulli’s choices on the clothing, the style, and the setting of the shooting. Besides, Fredrik Altinell, in Anti-Antipodes, has chosen the night light in order to realize professional-quality photos. The latter carries us to another time, even another dimension where the unknown is waiting for us. Enjoy the full magazine!