VANILLA – April/May 2014

VANILLA – April/May 2014

The US east coast magazine
Language : English
Category : Lifestyle
Content : Fashion, beauty, homes, food, travel…

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In this edition, “VANILLA” teaches us how to deal with pensions on divorce. Also, we will meet a juicy guy –yes, making juices changed his life- and test drive the Audi A3 Cabriolet. Finally, for varicose veins, Nuffield Hospital will advise on treatments.
In 2000, Lawrence Farrow’s life took a drastic turn when, after suffering of deteriorating eyesight, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After undergoing surgery and rigorous treatment plan, he decided to change his lifestyle. He quickly understood that incorporating cold-pressed juices and salads yielded very positive results: he felt energized and rejuvenated. It was logical for Lawrence Farrow to set up his own business making juices, so that others would enjoy their benefits. Our magazine proposes also several ways to safely and effectively treat varicose veins –not for just cosmetic reasons-. A variety of non-surgical and surgical treatments are available at Nuffield Hospital. Among them are sclerotherapy and endovenous laser treatment (EVLT).