VANILLA – June-July 2013

VANILLA – June-July 2013

The US east coast magazine
Language : english
Category : Lifestyle
Content : Fashion, beauty, homes, food, travel…
84 pages

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The June/July issue 2013 issue of Vanilla is dedicated to summer fashion, including tops and shoes. The lifestyle magazine also gives us some tips to find some places for dining out. And of course, you will find beauty tips and great deals.

Vanilla is a really easy to read lifestyle magazine published for fashionable women that want to keep hip all year long. At the beginning of the magazine, latest fashion, market, cultural and artistic news are presented. New wears and accessories are also presented with their indicative prices. Byreading the magazine, you will easily find your next purchase. The magazine also tackles the world of gastronomy and coking. Chefs regularly give their dish recipes, while journalists review some bars and restaurants. In each issue, several beauty tips are given to help you take care of your face, hair and body. By reading the magazine, you also find not to miss deals.