BELLO – August 2014

BELLO – August 2014

Fashion magazine
Language : English
Category : Men

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This time in Bello, all you need to know about Ashley Tisdale, Bello’s fashion list, more of Tom Ellis, Manish Dayal starring in “Journey”, and many other captivating articles to keep you entertained.
Bello always provides you with a touch of glamour, sparkles, and modernity. In this issue, making the cover of your favorite magazine, Ashley Tisdale, the former High School Musical Superstar, has made the long way now. Since her great success in the musical franchise, she has found herself home in Hollywood. Indeed, the 29 year old actress has turned producer. Having grown so much in self confidence, Ashley has found her way behind the scene for a very successful ABC Family TV show called “Baby—Young and Hungry” she produces herself. The young lady seems to enjoy the way her career has evolved and she does expect her growth to last. More of this story in this edition and many more topics to discover.