BELLO – February 2014

BELLO – February 2014

Fashion magazine
Language : English
Category : Men
Content : Shawn Ashmore, Miranda Otto, Jennette McCurdy…

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With “BELLO”, let us read some fabulous articles about the revenge of the Hollywood assistants, 20 things we need to get off our chest, Miranda Otto, Monica Raymond, Nicholle Tom, the Brooding Boy, Style Mafia, The Oscar Watch 2014 and some cinema secrets.

STUDmuffin NYC by Kyle Brincefield – one of the new faces of upcoming designers in America -, is four-year-old label which is hastily racking up celebrity clients as Missy Elliot, Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson to name a few. Also, Kyle Brincefield is known for his time working under the famous designer Patricia Fields who used to call him “the one of her missing puzzle pieces”. Style Mafia by Simonett Pereira is a very creative brand made for fashion-conscious women who want to dress in clothing that is well confectioned, detail-oriented, and different than that everyone else is wearing. For Simonett Pereira, blogging influenced Style Mafia as it helped the designer to understand her consumer in a very personal way.