BELLO – January 2014

BELLO – January 2014

Fashion magazine
Language : English
Category : Men
Content : Sarah Hyland, Joe Manganiello, Jessica Lucas, Danielle Campbell, Bridget Regan, Jessica Parker Kennedy…

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The fabulous Jessica Lucas covers the lifestyle sections. On Tech issue, Joe Manganiello reveals us more about himself. The gorgeous, talented Sarah Hyland is the female cover in this edition…Have a look on the full magazine.



There’s no denying that Joe Manganiello carries the sexy no matter what character he is playing and no matter what he is doing. Manganiello’s acting skills are just as remarkable as his killer physique. Whatever character he plays, he knows very well how to commit and to bring the character in alive. However, his outlook on getting in shape and staying in fit is a simple one. According to him, there are so many things that are out of control in business and in life in general. Manganiello, who first appeared in the HBO series back in 2010, took the role seriously from day one. Have a look in the full article with all of the very attractive pictures of Joe Manganiello.