BELLO – July 2014

BELLO – July 2014

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This month in Bello : The Brazilian rise under the spotlights, more of the becoming superstar Morena Baccarin, Giselle Itie’s ascending to international acting career and many other great articles to find out.
While Brazil continues its fast paced growth, Bello investigates on its skyrocketed visibility in world scene. Although, Brazil achieved a great recovery from recession, it was not a no-cost attempt. From various demonstrations to corruptions issues, the South American giant relies on its people’s strong temper to help attaining social welfare. Find out the story of a people who ceaselessly fought against injustices. But Brazil’s journey is not only about economy and politics. Arts and entertainment too take their way up. Also featured in this edition, the Brazilian born actress Morena Baccarin, granted us the opportunity to get to know her better. From her acting career to her fervent humanitarian engagements, all you need to know about the Emmy nominated diva is now in hand.