BELLO – May 2013

BELLO – May 2013

Fashion magazine
Language : english
Category : Men
Content : Peter Facinelli, Callan McAuliffe, Nico Tortorella…
179 pages

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Fashionable men and women, know about the style of Peter Facinelli, the cover artist of the May 2013 issue of Bello magazine. And as each month, art and entertainment are also tackled.

Bello magazine is one of the finest meetings of words and fashion photography. When words relates the latest news about cinema, series, singing or art, the Bello magazine photos shows a chic, stylish and glamour world. The storytelling of each cover artist is attractive, and each photo taken with the optimal conditions of light presents different clothes and accessories design. The collections presented inside Bello are sophisticated, glamour, sometimes exclusive or casual. If you’re looking for a style, take your time to browse all pages of the magazine. Take the opportunity to distinguish yourself by developing your own fashion style.