BELLO – September 2013

BELLO – September 2013

Fashion magazine
Language : English
Category : Men
Content : Fall winter fashion, Matthew Gray Gubler…

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This edition in Bello: Matthew Gray Gubler is starring in Criminal Minds. In your agenda, don’t miss to celebrate X-files 20th anniversary. In fashion, find out what’s In this Fall. And many other great articles to enjoy: sport, cinema previews, etc.

Matthew Grey Gubler once again shared about his fun- oriented life in interview with Bello. The 33 years old actor becomes ever-growingly popular in the social networks, an average of over 2000 retweets and favorites each week and his film “Criminal Minds” is widely acclaimed. Still in the mood of the best, the glamour, and the mysterious, X-files celebrates its 20th anniversary. This unforgettable TV show has impacted the industry of entertainment so incredibly more than one could expect. Muddler and Scully (play by David Duchoveny and Gillian Anderson) inspired nowadays the most money-spinning science fiction shows. Also, don’t miss to read about this edition’s fashion column, and discover what’s in this Fall.