BELLO – September 2014

BELLO – September 2014

Fashion magazine
Language : English
Category : Men

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Known for her roles in Hart of Dixie, Sin City and Pearl Harbour, Jaime Dixie is making the cover of the September 2014 issue of Bello. The magazine also talks about Ioan Gruffud, Rick Cosnett and Debby Ryan.
As you can read inside the September issue of Bello, Jaime King is not a typical actress. Known to be very talented onscreen, Jaime King was also a very famous model, walking through the most famous fashion show walkways in Paris, Milan or New York. She also unveils to women from all around the world her endometriosis and her five years fight against this sickness to become a happy mom. Undetected, the disease brought about miscarriages. She also talks us about her early life in Omaha. By reading the article, you will discover some astonishing photos of actresses, unveiling uncommon dresses.