HORIZONTE – Décembre 2014

HORIZONTE – Décembre 2014

Le magazine suisse de la recherche scientifique
Langue : Français
Catégorie : Sciences & Technology

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In its December 2014 issue, Horizonte asks us to think about the science boundaries and the Human being responsibilities. The mag also lets us more know about the quantum oscillation phenomena, the Swiss Scholarship system and the past tsunamis that happened on the Lake Geneva.
Did you know that the peaceful Lake Geneva formerly recorded some tsunamis? About 4,000 years ago, several waves occurred and may have caused the disappearance of some settlements of the lakeshore during the Bronze Age. The researchers also tried to determinate Lake Biel tsunamis, but they weren’t able to demonstrate it.
An article of Horizonte focuses on the federal scholarship granted to Swiss students. As it is today, weak families may have some difficulties to study inside a university. The biggest problem comes from the inequality between the cantons. According to an association, a federal level of the system is the best solution to reduce differences between the students.