DEEP – June 2013

DEEP – June 2013

The Surf magazine
Category : Sports & Hobbies
Language : English
Content : Swimsuit Issue, the 2013 Rincon Classic Results, Michael Kew…
81 pages

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If you want to know about the result of the 2013th edition of the Rincon that took place in Santa Barbara, you have to read the eighth issue if the Deep magazine. By browsing pages, you can find great photos from the event.

Deep is a really good surf magazine. First of all, it will let you keep informed about the latest news of the greatest events around the world. By reading the magazine, you will discover a selection of great photos taken by a team of surf passionate. The story related by the reporters will help you to feel the action as a real spectator. Regularly, the magazine focuses on the famous and emerging surfers that recently successfully performed in realizing great figures. Surfboard and surf wear reviews will help you to find your next supplies to buy. Because of course, we all need advice to be trendy.