SPORT MAGAZINE- September 13 2013

SPORT MAGAZINE- September 13 2013

The brittish sport MAGAZINE
Language : English
Category : Sports & Hobbies
Content : Giant, killer, Nemanja Vidic…

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In this issue, we will have the best portrayal in cinema history: “Escape to the victory” tracing the life of Pelé. Christine Ohuruogo is one of Britain’s finest athletes ever. But does she have recognition she deserves?


We will discover also who are the rivals of Floyd Mayweather for the title of the best boxer in the world and which young rugby players will be pushing for an England place in the 2015 World Cup.
Most of the greats have featured on Wisden’s annual list of Cricketers of the Year but in this issue, let us find out the best five players who never made the list. Bloomberg Square Mile relay is taking place soon. Yes indeed, it is the ultimate corporate running race in United Kingdom and attracts some of the biggest names in business. Sepp Blatter admitted that awarding the 2022 World Cup to Qatar can be a mistake. Truth is Qatar is too sunny and it is better to play the tournament in winter. However, Sepp Blatter forgot easily that first World Cup was held in July in Uruguay and everyone does remember the recent one in South Africa. Those are two sunny countrie so it proves that there is no climatically inapropriate as it is supposed to play football well and enchanting fans all over the world.