THE RED BULLETIN – November 2013

THE RED BULLETIN – November 2013

The extreme magazine
Language : English
Category : Sports & Hobbies
Content : Sebastien Vettel, Damian Foxall, Magnus Carlsen…

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In this issue, our magazine focuses on the champions Sebastian Vettel, Magnus Carlsen, Fanny Smith and talented actress Jennifer Lawrence, the rising-star of the “Hunger Games” trilogy.

He is only 26 years old but he is presently ranking best in world for F1. But it does not mean he lost his passion for two-wheelers. He loves speed and the feeling of freedom when getting on his bicycle, his face is windblown. When he was younger, he used to play with a BMX S 1 000 R. Another champion who confided in the columns of your magazine: Magnus Carlsen, the world’s number one in chess. The young Norwegian of 22 years old is in preparation for the World Championship which will be held in India. The stakes are high as he has to dethrone the defending champion Viswanathan Anand. To succeed, the young prodigy develops strategies with two famous Russian chess players.