THE RED BULLETIN – October 2013

THE RED BULLETIN – October 2013

THE RED BULLETIN – September 2013
The extreme magazine
Language : english
Category : Sports & Hobbies
Content : Adventure…
Content: Paola Longoria, A-Track, Shane McConkey…

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In this edition, find out about the story of Shane McConkeyn, a man whose dreams marked the end of his life. Also, don’t miss Nick Dwyer’s tips on where to find the best food in new Zealand.

This month in The Red Bulletin, Sports fans will be satisfied with the most exciting stories in the world of sports and entertainment. In this issue, The Red Bulletin’s team had an interview with Sherry McConkey, the widow of Shane McConkey. Read more about this very emotional story in a palpitating article entitled “Leap of faith”, the story of an incredible man who once learned to fly and never again wanted to come back down. More stories to read, find out about the Swedish babe, model turned- pop star, Ellinor Olovsdotter, known as Elliphant. Learn more about her Jamaican-inspired sounds and her wild and feisty personality which will leave you totally bewitched.