THE RED BULLETIN – September 2013

THE RED BULLETIN – September 2013

The extreme magazine
Language : english
Category : Sports & Hobbies
Content : World’s best action shots…

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« THE RED BULLETIN », in its September issue, recommends the Dracula Rallye –4 days and 600 kms across Transylvania- and introduces American wakeboarder Parks Bonifay. We will meet also outrigger canoeists and Brazilian supermodel Viviane Orth. Finally, is “Rush” the first great F1 movie?

To Matt Damon, life is like a poker. And he is so right because he has overcome many challenges in his career: he has physically transformed himself -losing 22 kg for “Courage Under Fire” and gaining 13 kg for “The Informant”- and won the Best Screenplay Oscar for “Will Hunting”. At the Olamu Race, the world’s fastest outrigger canoe teams compete around the rugged coast of Hawaii with rage at the heart. Did you know that cycling is booming? This is the main reason why the amount of equipment is expensive. Do not panic, “THE RED BULLETIN” handpicked the essentials –helmet, sunglasses, headphones…- at a very affordable price.