EXPERIENCE – August 2013

EXPERIENCE – August 2013

The airline magazine of APEX
Language : English
Category : Trade press
Content : Tune in, turn on, fly out…
200 pages

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In summary in August, the possibility to use electronics onboard, the new tray tables and the PointHound online booking. The issue also takes the readers to the Maldives archipelago.

An interview given by Ben Fuller, the Director of Sales of the Central and South American branch of Digecoris talking about the in-flight gambling using digital technologies. Indeed, o project in project to legalize the in-flight gambling in the United States, as it’s already the case in Nevada.
An interesting article is entirely focusing on smartphones and tablets. The use of these new high-tech devices has changed the habits of the travelers. Now, it’s possible to book your place everywhere. The companies compete to present the most useful apps in order to prepare quickly a journey. Some companies also fit their planes with Wi-Fi to offer new experiences to travelers.