ADRIA – April/May 2014

ADRIA – April/May 2014

The Adria airways inflight magazine
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Category : travel

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With ADRIA, we will read special stories from Poljanska Dolina and discover the fabled beauty of the poet’s daffodil. A wonderful trip will lead us to Albania, the undiscovered jewel of the Balkans and in Slovenia where medieval peasants’ strongholds became architectural monuments.

With the advent of Communism, after 1945, Albania was ruled for 40 years by the dictator Enver Hoxha, of whom people say:”He took everything from us and gave us nothing”. At that time, large number of Albanians left their homeland to find a better and freer life. After the fall of Communist regime, a wind of change began to blow in the country. Travelling through Albania is an amazing experience, despite the fact it is not tourists’ first choice. The hospitality of its people is unlimited and landscapes are such beautiful. After two thousand years, Ljubljana gets ready to honor the memory of its ancient roman predecessors with a series of exhibitions, events and projects; two thousand years have passed since ancient Emona, castrum of the emperors Augustus and Tiberius.

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