ADRIA – December/January 2014

ADRIA – December/January 2014

The Adria airways inflight magazine
Language : English/Slovenski
Category : travel

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In its winter edition, Adria celebrates its 100th issue and takes us to Zurich. Inside the magazine, you can also find more about a Maribor’s wine cellar. Adria also lets us discover the picturesque landscapes of Jezersko, in the Northern part of Slovenia and shows you how to play golf under the Canary volcanoes.
Having good weather conditions all year long, the Canary Islands are the perfect destinations of all travelers that are looking for sunny beaches and unrivalled picturesque natural landscapes. Between the volcanoes that forged the islands, golf players can also enjoy beautiful 18 holes courses. The largest island of the archipelago, Gran Canaria, has a total of eight courses. Open during the winter season, those courses are the answers for the European golfers to play when bad weather and snow paralyze most of the greens of the continent. Under the volcanoes of the Canary Islands, the landscapes are unbelievable, letting you be transported to the moon.

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