ADRIA – June/July 2013

ADRIA – June/July 2013

The Adria airways in-flight magazine
Language : English/Slovenski
Category : travel
Content : Brussels, Oman…
116 pages

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The Slovenian national carrier Adria presents us the Belgian capital city in its June/July 2013 issue. Beyond the description of Brussels, the magazine let us know about some non-touristic places that are to know. The issue also talks about rafting in Oman.

Adria Airways is the national carrier of Slovenia, an almost unknown country of Southern Europa. By reading the in-flight magazine of the company, you will discover a charming destination, with a plenty of natural and cultural regions to discover. Inside the magazine, we can also read about all the carrier’s services and fleet. As a member of Star Alliance, the magazine also presents all advantages of travelling on board or on partners’ flights. And as an in-flight magazine, the magazine presents in each issue a destination, generally those which are served by Adria Airways. Written in both Slovenia and English, the magazine is readable by travelers from all around the world.

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