ADRIA – June/July 2014

ADRIA – June/July 2014

The Adria airways inflight magazine
Language : English/Slovenski
Category : travel

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This issue features a walk of peace in the Soča Valley, a heavenly circus school, two classic climbs, the secret life beneath the streets of Paris and the oldest inn in Slovenia.
Fishes have many different characters, so the underwater photographer needs to learn about the habits and characteristics of many different species in order to capture their gazes on film. Indeed, some are active during the day while others are nocturnal predators; others live in pairs and others again are loners; some are poisonous, others are not; some stay on the seabed while others remain just below the surface… Slovenia is a paradise for cycling tour of all kinds and its varied terrain offers a challenge to everyone who enjoys pushing the pedals. Friends in Slovenia will only respect us a as a cyclist once we have conquered Vršič – at 1,611 meters the highest mountain pass in Slovenia – and Mangart Saddle – at 2,100 meters the highest point we can reach by bike on a paved road -.

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