ADRIA – October/November 2013

ADRIA – October/November 2013

The Adria airways inflight magazine
Language : English/Slovenski
Category : travel
Content : Skopje, macedonian nature…

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In this edition, find out many more stunning places to visit and add facts to your personal traveler fact-book: Skopje, Macedonia, Slovenia and many other amazing destinations to go.

This time, Adria takes you again to an endless journey around the world. Be the first to be served with the best traveling tips and build your personal travel guide book through us. Our first destination, Germany, hosts a big exhibition in Frankfurt on October 23rd to February 2nd to honor the greatest German painter of all time, Albrecht Dürer. Still in Germany, join the “must-attend” event in Munich. Indeed, as usual, the traditional Kirchweihdult, Maidult and Jakobidult festivals ends up in Munich in a spirited Bavarian mood. Also,miles away from Europe, meet Dr Borut Telban, an anthropologist who made a 25 year-long trip in Papua New guinea and he is telling us everything about the beauty of his journey. To learn more about this story read “Adria: passenger, Dr Borut Telban”

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