ADVENTURA – Fall 2013

ADVENTURA – Fall 2013

The canadian outdoor travel magazine
Language : English
Category : Travel
Content : Taiwan on two wheels, Glam camping…

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« Adventura », in its Fall 2013 issue, has a tale of the almost forgotten three rail trails. It will explain also how to choose the right energy gel plus the inflammation factor and explore Taiwan on two wheels.

Canada has got a big backyard. For instance, we can find in Ontario the Polar Bear Park and in Quebec the Anticosti Sepaq Park. These are places that not only preserve the wild hinterland but also make it accessible for adventurers. Research is showing how inflammation plays a central role in our health. Short-term inflammation is a good thig but chronic inflammation affects health and perfomance. Even if chronic inflammation is difficult to diagnose, it is strongly adviced to do a blood test to affirm the disease. Thailand is an emerging cycling destination. For visitors who want lengthy challenge, the Formosa 900 is a nine-day, 900-km cycling tour around the entire island!