ADVENTURA – Summer 2014

ADVENTURA – Summer 2014

The canadian outdoor travel magazine
Language : English
Category : Travel

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In this edition of Adventura: Stevie Smith’s thrilling life on two-wheels, all you need to know about “superfood”, non-stop adventure in Panama city, and many other great articles to discover.
While living life at full speed remains a fantasy for some, for others it is a lifestyle. Stevie Smith, the greatest downhill mountain bike racer ever, made it a career path to which he holds on tight and lives passionately for. In an exclusive interview with this unparalleled athlete, find out the recipe for a successful career in outdoor sports. Is it all about being extremely talented and well equipped? Or maybe, it’s built upon corporate hard work fuelled with commonly shared passion? More of this story in an article called “Life on two wheels” available in this edition of Adventura, the Canadian leading magazine on outdoor activities. Also in this issue: adventure in Panama city, myths and reality of super-food, etc.