AIR – April 2014

AIR – April 2014

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In this edition, Sir Ben Kingsley is the Man in the Iron Mask and Winona Ryder waves youth good bye. Also, London pop-up artist Ben Turnbull talks about the Death of America and Superchef Heinz Beck presents his new venture on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah.

At 42, Winona Ryder is still as fragile and translucent-skinned as she was at 18. Something about Winona Ryder draws us in from the outset, making us want to befriend her. She was too memorable in those early years because of her highly relationships with Matt Damon and Johnny Depp; or maybe that shoplifting incident in 2001, after which she was ordered to undergo psychological and drug counseling and then took time off from her career. It overshadowed the excellent work she has done since… Sir Ben Kingsley played characters from every continent, subcontinent and hemisphere. We all remember him in the role of Gandhi, a psychopathic gangster and a comic book baddie. He himself says that fragments of his roles form a composite portrait of him.