AIR – December 2014

AIR – December 2014

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Find out in this month’s issue of Air magazine: Keira Knightly’s battle to be an ordinary woman Stars on Celluloid by the photographer Peter Lindbergh, St Moritz celebration of 50 years of winter tourism, and plenty more for your delight.
While the whole world is looking for sophistication and artificially elaborate form of arts and entertainment, Air magazine explores the unique art of simplicity yet fearfully put together by Peter Lindbergh during the International Film festival in Dubai. Cate Blanchett, Emily Blunt and Zhou Xun shine in their finely cut black tuxedo under the direction of the most creative photographer for his portfolio exclusively born of Celluloid. Real awesomeness! Also, featuring in this edition, Judy Joo is another personality you absolutely need to encounter. This young and extremely gifted Korean-American chef is conquering the world and seems unstoppable. Learn more about this story by checking our article called “Korea Opportunities” devoted to reveal to you one of the world’s most refined culinary talent brought by the amazing Jude Joo.