ALASKA AIRLINES – December 2014

ALASKA AIRLINES – December 2014

The travel magazine of Alaska Airlines
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Category : Travel

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The December 2014 issue of Alaska Airlines lets us know more about Tom Douglas, the famous chef. Inside the magazine, you will also read about the Hawaii’s coral reef, Northwestern destinations and the famous winter countries for winter golf players.

Owning 15 well known restaurants in the big city Seattle, Tom Douglas knows how to increase the value of the natural products he usually uses. Beginning as a simple laborer, Tom Douglas slowly but surely moved up and successes to become a chef in 1984. Offering a contemporary cuisine based on an original cooking of seafood. Actually, he deserved to use sustainable products and now, the quality of his ingredients combined with his skill is the secret of his knowledge. Inside the December 2014 issue of the Alaska Airlines Magazine, you can find the Dungeness Crab Cakes recipe that is one of the classic compositions of Tom Douglas. You will also find the way to give more taste to a simple pudding cornbread pudding.