ALASKA AIRLINES – January 2014

ALASKA AIRLINES – January 2014

The in-flight magazine of Alaska Airlines
Language : English
Category : Travel, Island beaches
Content : Vintage eastern Washington

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In its January 2014 issue, “ALASKA AIRLINES” keeps the best topics for us. We find out the rich culture of majestic Madrid, Aloha State’s best beaches, Nissan’s new GT-R Nismo and history and attractions in the Bay Area.

With 600 horsepower, all wheel-drive and loads of technology developed in real GT3 racing, the latest Nissan GT-R Nismo is one of the top-performing production cars on the planet. It is also one of the most affordable means to heart-fluttering and ego-boosting supercar ownership. Hugh Herr is a double amputee who continues to climb mountains, maybe now better than ever in his life. He wears two prosthetic legs he designed himself at the Biomechatronics research group of the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He devoted himself to develop artificial limbs that would emulate and even surpass biological limbs. His motorized robotic prosthetics use computers and sensors to mimic biological limb function. The story of Hugh Herr is remarkable ad transformative: this is a lesson of life.