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This time in Alaska Airlines, the latest news from Alaska Airlines, Seoul rejuvenation, Hawaii the Island of plenty, Exploring the Emerald city and many other captivating articles and stories to find out.
In this issue, Alaska Airlines takes you to the Emerald City. Seattle is a very beautiful place where boredom doesn’t exist. If you want to fun, learn new thing and live breathtaking experiences, downtown Seattle is the best place to be. First, have a ramble aboard The Seattle Great Wheel, 175 feet above the ground and take a look at the city from above. Once there, you can start plan the next step of your expedition. The Seattle Aquarium may be? The latter is a big window that looks into Washington’s underwater lif:. Coho Salmon, wolf eels, see stars and scuba divers feeding animals with shrimps and krill. And of course, don’t forget to visit the Underwater Dome, known to be one of people’s favorite attractions. But, the “must-go” place you can definitely leave a part of you to Seattle is the Market Theater Gum Wall! So don’t wait take your first step to the Emerald City.