B THERE MAGAZINE – February 2014

B THERE MAGAZINE – February 2014

The other inflight magazine of Brussels Airlines
Language : English
Category : Travel

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In this issue, let us meet Belgian dance maestro Stromae and discover Athens’ cityscape. Also, we will know that Les Deux Alpes is a perfect weekend destination and train buff Sean Williams hitches a ride back in time on Kenya’s beloved “Lunatic Line”.

Stromae (his name is French backslang for “maestro”) is surely the hottest thing to come out of Brussels in decade. He is a sweet combination of cartoon dandy, Belgian B-boy and French philosopher! With creative outlets in fashion, music and video, his appeal reels in ardent fans aged seven to 77. The task of deciphering this large musical phenomenon is stumping everyone from the “NEW YORK TIMES” to French “ELLE” to Britain’s “GQ” magazine. Athens is facing one of the most exciting design challenges of the 21st century, as the world’s biggest architects envision a new and modern cityscape. Despite appearances, the economic crisis brought a burst of creativity: in few months’ time, the National Museum of Contemporary Art will open. It will be a place where a new generation of Greek artists can showcase their work.