BLUEWINGS – April 2014

BLUEWINGS – April 2014

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“BLUEWINGS” takes us to 5 exotic marathons from the Great Wall in China to Cannes in France. Also, Xi’an’s Terracotta Warriors continue to amaze and there are new directions for Finnish business financing.
Arctic berries are the new asset in skincare. Indeed, cloudberry helps protect the skin against external factors causing premature ageing. The cloudberry also has brightening and detoxifying qualities. Another berry that contains strong antioxidants is sea buckthorn. Buckthorn also includes omega oils. Finland has seen a change in attitude. As people no longer believe that they can rely on large companies – for instance Nokia breakup – and public sector to employ them, they have started to value entrepreneurship in a new way. In fact, Finland needs several new growth companies to create new jobs and bring export revenues to the country.