BLUEWINGS – February 2014

BLUEWINGS – February 2014

The inflight magazine of Finnair
Language : English
Category : Travel

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In this edition, Finnish artists capture the humor in daily life in cartoons, Finland’s Sámi population keep their culture alive and vibrant and Finnair is helping to raise the 300 million euros needed for funding the new children’s hospital.

New-York based fashion designer and design professor Tim Rissanen has set out to change the industry by addressing its social and environmental impacts. He completed a PhD thesis on sustainable fashion and been called a “zero-waste pioneer”. Recent disasters at Pakistani and Bangladeshi sweatshops interpellated him about the consequences of low-cost production, beyond just the waste it generates. His next project is a custom-made shirt brand for men. The Sámi Homeland region in northernmost Finland is a land of vast forests and rolling fells, home to more reindeer than people. Sámi cultures are based on traditional nature-based livelihoods like fishing, hunting and particularly reindeer-herding. Tourism complements well, especially in December when pre-Christmas tourism starts.