CARIBBEAN BEAT – March/April 2014

CARIBBEAN BEAT – March/April 2014

The Caribbean Airlines magazine
Language : English
Category : travel
Content : Paramaribo, jamming in the old town…
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This edition in Caribbean Beat, save dates among our selections of events throughout the Caribbean in March and April, Tessanne Chin’s success story made out of handwork and also many travelling tips around the Caribbean.
In this issue, in Caribbean Beat, let’s take you to a very refreshing trip to Trinidad. In this edition, we left plenty of room to celebrations. Among which, the Phagwah is a very colorful festivity that Trinidadians love to celebrate. This special event, the Hindu Spring festival, is known elsewhere in the world as “the Holi”. For the occasion, people joyfully meet with friends as they carry with them a long syringe, made of Bamboo in the past but now with plastic PVC, and a bucket full of purple liquid. Then, the fun starts as they smear each over with this liquid using the syringe. Find more about this very entertaining story in an article called “Ready, Aim…”