CARIBBEAN BEAT – May/June 2013

CARIBBEAN BEAT – May/June 2013

The Caribbean Airlines magazine
Language : English
Category : travel
Content : Events,, Hindu festival, Immerse…
100 pages
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The May-June 2013 issue of the Caribbean Airlines magazine talks about No-Maddz Jamaica, the current famous music band of the area. You will also know about the wild coast of Saint-Lucia and rum based recipes.

Available for free online, the Caribbean Beat magazine is a must have periodic publication if you want to understand about the culture of this warm and sunny part of the world. Music, painting and other art subjects are regularly tackled. The magazine also focuses on historic facts to let the visitors know about the cultural wealth of the region. And as an in-flight magazine of the Caribbean Airlines, the pages contain travel guides, presenting not only towns and famous sandy destinations, but also less known regions. Before travelling to the Caribe Islands, you have to read the datebook to schedule your journey. This section is dedicated to the main cultural events of the Caribbean Islands.