CARIBBEAN BEAT – September/October 2013

CARIBBEAN BEAT – September/October 2013

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Language : English
Category : travel
Content : Chutney succession, Landship ahoy…
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This edition: Dominica’s World Creole Music Festival, bring some originality to your look-book with Adam Madhere’s Ethiopian style. Also, find out more about Guyanne’s green heritage and its expensive investment aiming to preserve the rain forest. And learn how protecting the nature feeds the economy.

In this edition, Caribbean Beat brings you another flavor to what you would already expect from a trip the Caribbean. This time, Jamaica opens its door for a world of arts. Quite a great deal of fresh and youthful creations for you to discover in an exhibition called “New root” at the National Gallery of Jamaica aiming to put upfront rising young artists with great talent. Still in the mood of arts, let’s switch to music! Dominica’s World Creole Music Festival decided to honor this year the 35th anniversary of the independence of the country with beats and dances. World Creole music festival is a mind-blowing event made out amalgamated Creole sounds and melodies.