FAHTHAI – January 2014

FAHTHAI – January 2014

The inflight magazine of Bangkok Airways
Language : English
Category : Travel

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In this January 2014 issue, we will meet the first lady of Cambodian classical dance, discover the sandy beaches and hidden coves of Ang Thong National Marine Park and taste Myanmar’s magnificent cuisine. Our magazine features also a moving article about Khmer elephants.

Mohinga is Myanmar’s national dish. It is a mixture of rice noodles in a seafood broth with ginger, lemongrass and large chunks of catfish. Sophiline Cheam Shapiro is one the first graduates of Cambodia’s School of Fine Arts after the fall of Khmer Rouge in 1975. She is Khmer Arts founder, which aim to help young Cambodian –Americans to discover their culture. She launched also a new branch called Sophiline Arts Ensemble. She is training professional dancers in classical and experimental dance, and producing and choreographing performances that have travelled the world. For information, Magha Puja Day is taking place in Febuary. It is the most important religious festival in Thailand, a special day to venerate The Buddha and celebrate his teachings.