FAHTHAI – July 2014

FAHTHAI – July 2014

The travel magazine of Bangkok Airways
Language : English
Category : Travel

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In this issue, all you need to know about about Darshan’s photography work called ‘Of God and men”, 48 hours in Siem Reap, Sunny Daze, the man who organizes parties on roof tops.
Fahthai showcases Asia’s fabulous features once more. In this month’s issue, meet Coran Maloney, an Australian man who settled in Bangkok and enjoy the warmth of Thailand while hosting secret parties under the sunset. To make it all happen, he partnered with several exceptionally talented DJs. Since it’s all started in 2011, the Kolour Sundays, so they call it, has attracted thousands and thousands of delighted customers. It has turned out to be the leading events of its kind in Bangkok. Scheduled to become a monthly meeting with the coolest folk in town, the party seems to last for long time, and it looks like you’ll soon be part of the fun.