FAHTHAI – March 2014

FAHTHAI – March 2014

The travel magazine of Bangkok Airways
Language : English
Category : Travel

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In this issue, all you need to know about the Songkran one of the most important Buddhist celebration, Hong Kong international Film Festival, Cambodian’s yutakhun khom – the martial art of the moon and many other captivating articles.
Once again, Fahthai proudly exhibits Asia’s admirable faces in many entertaining articles that will water your month until you take your next trip to Asia. In this issue, the land of all philosophy and spirituality introduces you to one of the most important Buddhist celebration called: “the Songkran” that takes place in April 13 to 15. The latter is well-known for its water fight. Alongside the fun it brings, this event is actually a preparation for Buddhist New Year. Families clean their homes, pay alms to the poor and to the monks and then go outside with water-pistols and buckets-full of water to through happily at their friends and neighbors. Who wouldn’t be tempted to take part in such a wonderful spirit of belonging to a joyful community? Take your bet and go celebrate!