FAHTHAI – May 2014

FAHTHAI – May 2014

The travel magazine of Bangkok Airways
Language : English
Category : Travel

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In this issue, Sailing through Myanmar’s Mergul Archipelago, Mark Weingard’s story that led to the opening of Pukhet’s most innovative hotel, more of Combodia’s “golden silk” industry, and many other great articles to find out.
Like a magic carpet, Fahthai magazine takes you to incredible places where discovery and enjoyment is your daily meal. For our first stop over, let’s meet the sea gypsies of Myanmar’s Mergul Archipelago. Myanmar’s Mergul Archipelago is where people become one with the ocean. No road, no town and no infrastructure at all, this group of many islands is the ideal destination for those who aspire for calmness, and natural surroundings. Blending in the picturesque greenery scene, the Moken, some very gentle native people of Myanmar, have build their homes there. And, they are still continuing their long ago tradition of worshiping nature. More of this story in an article entitled: Staying afloat.