GO – July 2013

GO – July 2013

The in-flight magazine of Air Tran Airways
Language : english
Category : Travel
Content : Trendy tables, happy trails…
84 pages

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Go, the in-flight magazine of Air Tran Airways, lets us know better about the gastronomy trends inside its July 2013 issue. The magazine also talks us about biking in Utah.

Inside its in-flight magazine named Go, the American loc-cost carrier Air Tran Airways unveil the main advantages of flying onboard its aircrafts. The magazine also presents a selection of destinations in each issue. These countries or regions presented are mainly those located in USA, Mexico and Caribbean area. For the travelers, a cultural agenda is available inside the magazine to help them schedule their journey. A selection of articles is also presented, such as cloths and accessories or cosmetics. Food lovers will appreciate the restaurant reviews and exotic recipes. More than a simple in-flight magazine, Go is a lifestyle one that lets us appreciate the richness of the American culture.